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Get Instant Worldwide Exposure for your Property Listing

Thinking about selling your home? Want to MAXIMIZE YOUR REVENUE and sell it FAST? Advertise your property RIGHT NOW and Get INSTANT WORLDWIDE EXPOSURE for your Property Listing - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Your Property Listing includes a unique, advertisable website address (such as www.topdogdomains.com/PL12345) that you can use for print advertising and flyers.

You can add up to 7 pictures of your property's best features and update and change anything (including the photographs) anytime - unlimited updates! Best of all, your property is automatically listed in the inetUSA Real Estate Network. This makes your listings available on the largest network of real estate websites in the world with over 3 MILLION PAGE VIEWS each month.

Your Property Listing Features Include:

Worldwide exposure - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
Buyers can get information about your property from www.topdogdomains.com and the entire inetUSA Real Estate Network - 24 hours and day, 7 days a week - 365 days a year - even while you are sleeping!
Unique Website Address for Print Ads or Flyers
Your property listing includes your a unique URL (Web Address) for your property such as www.topdogdomains.com/PL12345 to use for your print ads or flyers! Be sure to use this address in your classified ads to direct buyers to the Internet where they can get more in-depth information about your property.
Unlimited updates to your listing instantly, 24 hours a day!
You can make unlimited updates to your listing instantly, 24 hours a day! Add or update your pictures, change the text and feature descriptions, make it better and better - change your asking price, etc. You can also delete your listing at anytime to avoid unnecessary calls as soon as it is sold!
Include up to 7 property photos in your listing
Your property listing can include up to 7 photos which are automatically and professionally resized (no grainy, amateurish images) for the best presentation on your property listing. All uploaded photos will also include image thumbnail-sized images which link to the full sized versions of your images.
Free instant listing in the inetUSA Real Estate Network!
The inetUSA Real Estate Network is a network of thousands of real estate websites (including totalrealestatesolutions.com and imlsonline.com) that all display property listings. Your listing will be included on all of these highly visible network websites instantly.
Automatically Interfaces with Maps and Local School Information
Your listing includes automated links to the appropriate maps and school information so that a prospective buyer can get a complete picture of your offering and location - all without any extra effort on your part.
Instant Buyer Match Notification
inetUSA's Instant Buyer Match Alert notifies thousands of buyers of your new listing! Your property listing will be instantly sent to buyers who are looking for property just like yours.
Privacy Protection
Your e-mail address and contact information are not posted on your property listing for your protection. Buyers will be able to contact you by using the special contact form provided with each listing. This feature helps to prevent spam and protects you from email harvesting software programs.
Automatically create color printable flyers from your listing
You can create full-color, printable flyers for your property listing that you can insert into "flyer tubes" (available at hardware stores); leave behind inside the house; post on your neighborhood bulletin boards or a variety of other advertising purposes.

Property Listing Terms and Rates
Prices below include ALL of the property listing features shown above. Every listing includes an optional listing renewal notification. When your property listing is nearing the expiration day, you will receive a notification with an option to renew your listing.

Quarterly (3 months)$79.85
Semi-Annually (6 months)$154.70
Yearly (12 months)$309.40

If you have already listed your property,
click here to login to Property Listing Manager.


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